Violent Skies

“Violent Skies appeals to the science fiction lover in me. It’s a book that reads like a literary Mad Max exploration. Author T.J. Lockwood writes in all of the imagination that this genre deserves and delivers the first science fiction/fantasy novel I’ve truly enjoyed in months. I will look forward to more work from this promising author.” – JD Dehart

Urban Heroes

“The pacing was amazing. I had no trouble connecting with Calista. Connected right away, just from a brief exposure from her was enough. Invested enough to go through till the end… I find it a bit hard to put down. I mean ANDROIDS, SHIPS, GAUNLET WEAPON, AHHHHH! It was not a chore to read.” – Bookish Wisps

Gunmetal Greys

“Third read by the author and the author is definitely bang on the target, done beautifully. From start to end of the story, book is really gripping and made me finish first before moving on to any other thing. If I have to say two liner that will be: “Gripping story, interesting plot, engaging characters and load and loads of superb dialogues.” – The Literal Arts